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The following information is from the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership website:

Demographically, Erie County is America in microcosm. With a population distribution and income tracking very close to the national averages, Erie has long been a preferred test market for consumer packaged goods companies.

Erie is a place for active people, physically, intellectually, and economically. With one of the lowest average commute times of any MSA in the nation, it takes no more than 45 minutes to get from the center city to the farthest reaches of the county. The average commute time in Erie is 15 minutes--almost 30% shorter than that of the average U.S. worker.

With a highly skilled, well-trained, and motivated workforce, Erie means productivity. Indeed, the labor pool in Erie County is among our most attractive assets, and now is the time turn this productivity engine to your purposes. There’s no ramp-up time needed. The people of Erie County are ready and waiting to go.

Accordingly, a strong system of higher education is another asset the Erie region possesses. Four colleges and universities, a medical school and school of pharmacy, and a number of technical schools, provide training employees need to help a company compete in the global marketplace


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