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Erie, PA was recently profiled in the February 2007 edition of US Airways Magazine. Read the profile by Clicking Here.

The following information is from the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership website:

A Great City on a Great Lake

Erie, Pennsylvania has an unbeatable combination of small-town charm and security with large-city energy and attractions – all in a natural setting of great beauty. Pennsylvania’s only Great Lake port city has a livable, four-season climate and abundant water, making it a wonderful place to live.

Erie offers a rich legacy in the history of America. As the homeport to the U.S. Brig Niagara, Pennsylvania’s official flagship, Erie recognizes the prominent role it played in the War of 1812. In fact, this re-constructed tall ship is one of the largest sailing the Great Lakes today.

The community’s economic history is just as strong as its waterfront heritage. Erie was an early manufacturing center and the largest freshwater fishing port in the world. Erie has a longstanding craft tradition, strong work ethic and solid transportation infrastructure, making it an ideal place to start or expand a business.

And Erie County offers an unprecedented degree of intergovernmental and business-government cooperation, making it a leader in business attraction and
retention efforts.

Cost of housing

One of the community’s greatest assets is its inventory of affordable, livable and beautiful real estate. Erie’s varied neighborhoods – none of them more than a half-hour’s drive from the water, are a spectacular attraction. The cost of housing in Erie is below the average of the 321 urban counties in the 1997 ACCRA and below the national average for all counties. In fact, the cost of housing in Erie is almost 30% less than that of Philadelphia


Erie is a place for active people, physically, intellectually and economically. With one of the lowest average commute times of any MSA in the nation, it takes no more than 45 minutes to get from the center city to the farthest reaches of the county. The average commute time in Erie is almost 30% shorter than that of the average U.S. worker

Location, Location, Location

Erie’s unique location reaches beyond County borders, offering the best of two worlds: an abundance of attractive lifestyle attributes intrinsic to the immediate area and ready access to large metropolitan areas just two-hours distant in Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

Demographically, Erie County is America in microcosm. With a population distribution and income tracking very close to the national averages, Erie has long been a preferred test market for consumer packaged goods companies.


With a highly skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce, Erie means productivity. Indeed, the labor pool in Erie County is among our most attractive assets, and now is the time turn this productivity engine to your purposes. There’s no ramp-up time needed. The people of Erie County are ready and waiting to go.

Since January 2001, the average Erie County manufacturing production worker has consistently worked more hours per week than the average manufacturing production worker in PA or the U.S. Our strong work ethic assures a dedication to excellence that is the cornerstone of business success no matter what industry sector you’re in.

It's the Economy

Erie’s economy continues to thrive. Erie County was 265th out of 506 Metro areas and countries, ranked by the value of final goods and services produced in 2002. The value of Erie County's final goods and services produced in 2002 exceeded that of the countries of Afghanistan, Haiti, and Bermuda combined. And in 1999 Erie County's exports, measured as dollars per employee, were 16% higher than Pennsylvania.

The approach to economic development in Erie County is centrally focused on the customer – any individual looking to make an investment in our community. The investment could be in the form of renting space, building a new facility, or even purchasing a new home. Whatever the case may be, the starting point into that investment process begins with a connection to the Erie Regional Chamber, the gateway into the Erie County economic development system.


Read the US Airways Magazine Profile on Erie


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