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  About Erie, PA
On the Move?

In 2006, the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council listed the city of Erie as one of the "Best Cities for Relocating Families."

With anchors like GE Transporation, Erie Insurance Group, four universities and two major hospitals, this city--despite its past challenges losing a major part of its manufacturing jobs--is taking a new turn.  A new convention center has opened and a new $260 million casino and race track has opened with activity that far exceeded initial projections. Urban renewal has continued to add new synergy to the downtown area.  This city with its small town appeal is attracting attention. US Airways Magazine in February 2007 featured Erie in a large profile article exposing Erie to thousands of travelers.

Why Erie??? 

Erie is within a  500 mile radius of 50% of the U.S. population and just a few hours drive from Canada.
Lake Erie attracts bayfront companies and business that benefit from the advantage of the lake, and the Presque Isle beaches continue to lure thousand of tourists. But other cities have the lake also, so why is Erie so unique? Its location provides direct access to and from Canada, Ohio, and New York. Residents from all these locations use convenient highways to come to Erie to take advantage of NO SALES TAX ON CLOTHING AND FOOD STAPLES. This influx of people has fueled the demand for more restaurants, shopping, hotel rooms, and recreational outlets, such as Waterworld and Sports Park.  The hotel rooms, already in place, together with the aforementioned supporting infastructure of services and activities will help support Erie's new convention center. The casino and race track discovered these demographics during their feasibility studies, solidifying their decisions to locate in Erie.  The casino will further attract thousands of patrons and tourists, expanding the existing synergy, thereby continuing to attract more and more opportunities as Erie is rediscovered.

This scenerio becomes even more interesting because this city--with its small town feeling and major retail shopping, beaches, resorts and golf courses, four universities, medical centers, convention center, casino and race track, and culltural and art activities--also has a very affordable cost of living, housing, and land opportunities. People who desire an urban atmosphere may locate in the city on the lake, while those who prefer a more rural atmosphere will be delighted to discover SENECA FARMS which is close to the convenienes of the city but offers a more pristine environment and the appeal of country living.  


As you discover or rediscover Erie and compare opportunities consider the importance of your family's lifestyle.  Every family evaluates criteria differently.
Check out weather, air quality, propensity for natural disasters, schools, medical facilities, activities and services your family values. 

While it may not be for everyone, a deeper look at its broad array of attractive attributes and activities reveals the secret why this city on the lake is on the move.

We welcome you to visit Erie and Seneca Farms and become part of the Seneca Farms family-community.


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