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Deed Restrictions


  1. BUILDING LINES. No building shall be erected to the front lot line nor nearer to the side street line than as otherwise permitted by the municipality in which said lots are located. Further, no buildings shall be erected on any lot nearer than twenty-five (25) feet from any side property line or fifty (50) feet from any front lot line.

  2. USE. This property shall be used for residential purposes only. No buildings shall be erected or used for business or industrial purposes, nor shall commercial signs of any description be erected. Notwithstanding the foregoing, equestrian, agriculture and ranch facilities and operations may be constructed and operated upon any lot, including training, shows, boarding, breeding, sales, and other ancillary equestrian, agriculture or ranch operations, including appropriate signage therefore, subject to any required municipal or governmental approval and oversight.

  3. GARAGES. Each dwelling shall have an attached garage or seperate enclosed garage. The elevation and appearance of garage shall be consistent with the character of the residence.

  4. FINAL PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS. The final plans, elevations, and specifications for each residence, and other buildings, must be approved in writing by the undersigned owner, the owner's son, John A. Vietze, or any other individual appointed by the undersigned as the undersigned owner's designee, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. No building may be started until the building and site plans, elevations and specifications thereof have been approved in writing.

  5. DWELLINGS. No residence or other buildings erected on any part of said property shall be occupied at any time prior to it being fully completed and certificate of occupancy issued.

  6. MOBILE HOMES. No residence shall be permitted using mobile homes, trailers or double-wide trailers.

  7. MINIMUM SQUARE FOOTAGE REQUIREMENTS. No residence shall be approved for construction unless it meets the following specifications:

    a. RANCH STYLE - Must contain a minimum of eighteen hundred (1,800) square feet of finished living area on the main floor.

    b. TWO-STORY OR STORY AND A HALF - Must contain minimum of eighteen hundred (1,800) square feet of finished living area on the main floors (excluding basement).

    c. SPLIT LEVEL STYLE - Must contain a minimum of eighteen hundred (1,800) square feet on the main floors (excluding basement).

    d. RAISED RANCH AND SPLIT STYLE - Must contain a minimum of eighteen (1,800) square feet on the main floors (excluding basement).

    e. The undersigned owner or the undersigned owner's designee reserves the right to approve plans which may be a maximum five (5%) percent deficient, with respect to the above square footage requirements, in exchange for uniqueness of design characteristics for the proposed plans.

  8. START OF CONSTRUCTION AND TIME FOR COMPLETION. There shall be no time frame within which construction must be started or commenced after the purchase of any lot subject to these restrictions. However, once construction is commenced, said construction must be substantially completed within no later than one (1) year after commencement of construction.

  9. EXCAVATION AND EARTH MOVING. No dirt may be moved out of the subdivision without the prior written approval of the undersigned owner or the undersigned owner's designee.

  10. RADIO AND TELEVISION EQUIPMENT. No television or radio antennas, towers, or dishes shall be placed on any lot unless they are not visible from the street. No commercial antennas, towers, or equipment shall be placed on any lot, i.e. cellular towers.

  11. NUISANCES. No obnoxious offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done, placed or stored thereon which may be or become any danger, annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood, i.e. junk/unused motor vehicles, unused/abandoned equipment and/or machinery, etc., or occasion any noise or odor which will or might disturb the peace, comfort or serenity of the occupants in neighboring properties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the construction and/or operation of equestrian, farm, ranch or agriculture facilities as a permitted use as set forth and provided above in paragraph 2 shall not be considered an obnoxious offensive activity or nuisance hereunder, with the restriction that the number of animals on any lot shall not exceed a total of three (3) animals per acre, i.e. a 15 acre lot X 3 animals = 45 allowable animals. Equestrian activities are exempt from this restriction.

  12. DURATION OF RESTRICTIONS. The foregoing covenants and restrictions are to run with the land and shall be binding upon the present owners, their successors and assigns and all parties and persons claiming under them until December 31, 2036, at which time said covenants and restrictions shall terminate unless continued in writing, duly filed within the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Erie County, Pennsylvania, and subscribed by the owners of at least a majority of the lots in said subdivision.


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