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  Sustainable Farm-Equestrian Community

Seneca Farms - Horse Community

An intentional sustainable residential horse-farm community Seeks individuals with an intention towards a sustainable agro-ecological green approach, maximizing the integration of land, building, animals into community living.

Seneca Farm is a 197 acre rural community of nine large country home-sites, septic approved with great water, natural gas hook-up with a public utility, electric, telephone and DSL available. Lots 1, 2 & 6 (approximately 60 acres) are being planned for an equestrian oriented community of approximately 30 individually owned residential units. This land includes a wooded area with hard maple and cherry, creek, pasture and farm land, great views and a private well with a “free” gas allotment.

The land is located 15 minutes from Presque Isle Downs and 20 minutes to major shopping and attractions of Erie, Pa. The success of the Pennsylvania racing program and proximity to the race track make this location ideal for a horse community that could include, as part of the mix a thoroughbred training and breeding facility and Horse Club or common facility. An equestrian community could provide support facilities and additional income from the use of the Horse Club facility, stalls, and training facilities, hook-ups for horse trailers, storage and residential rental units.

The planned residential development of Seneca Farms into a small residential horse-farm community is a lifestyle choice for its members that will have many long term advantages for the residents and the community. Many people who do not consider themselves "horse people", nonetheless enjoy being around the type of lifestyle that horse communities offer. The rural farm/horse atmosphere with beautiful horses in the patures or training areas demonstrating their athletic ability brings nature up-close and personal, the horse communities welcome all individuals that wish to make an investment in rural-sustainable living.

The horse-farm community development at Seneca Farms addresses three important elements, which make up our obligation to assure the healthy future of the land and its residents: Environmentally sound stewardship, Affinity group cooperation and Sustainability of community and lifestyle.

Environmentally sound stewardship keeps the physical and aesthetic appearance and rural nature of the property intact. It preserves open spaces and pastureland, fences and woodlands, thereby insuring the retention of the rural nature of the property and the township. Good stewardship, afforded by clustering the houses on a small section of the property, further expands housing availability in the township, while it maintains and increases recreational areas. It also helps to maintain the common trail ways, the fields, and dirt roads and keep them open while retaining the nature of the “farming” community and the attractiveness and character of the Pennsylvania landscape—fields, pastures, fences, mountain views, barns, and open spaces.

Affinity group cooperation creates a community where the residents share common goals and interests. Cooperation among horse, farm and sustainable minded enthusiasts promotes the concept of resource protection and land and green space preservation. It allows use of the property and the facilities—barns, sheds, arenas, pastures and turn out areas, gardens, fencing,etc., by the residents of the community thus limiting the need to develop and maintain other properties while preserving as much of the open space as possible including as living self-sufficiently as practical. Residents will live in an “intentional community,” fashioning a lifestyle that reflects their common values and interest in horses, sustainable eco-agricultural living, sharing the buildings and maintenance costs enables easier physical and financial upkeep and retention of the property for everyone. The horses live “outdoors” like horses, decreasing physical and emotional stress and increasing health and soundness. It also significantly limits the work and time required to care for them. Cooperation allows all members—human and equine--to have access to assistance when necessary and makes living easier.

The residents of the community live in individually owned residential units and share common ownership in the balance of the community facilities and open spaces. Sharing ownership has numerous benefits, particularly for people who want to own farm property but can’t afford today’s ever-escalating market prices. The neighborliness and a shared commitment to helping each other, the common ethic which the community is built is one of the many advantages, aside from the economy of shared facilities, offer the residents a cohesive lifestyle. Community living makes it a lot more practical to travel, take vacations, leave the community and make arrangements to take care of the horses and residence with supporting community members.

The dwellings will be clustered on a smaller portion of the approximate 60 acres. Each resident will own his home and all the farm/pastures, open space and equestrian and other facilities will be owned in common use. Each home will be built in accordance with covenants and carefully sited. The use of environmentally friendly, “green” materials throughout will be emphasized and energy efficient appliances and recycling required. All homes will share common septic systems and drilled wells. Alternative energy—wood, solar, wind, and geothermal—will be utilized wherever reasonable within the community.

This farm setting will preserve and enhance the quality and character of the neighborhood, thereby helping to enhance everyone’s property values. It further insures that the farm- horse culture rural lifestyle will not be "phased out" as inevitable new residents arrive as the Township grows.


* All information provided is deemed to be correct but is not warranted or guaranteed by designer or seller, buyer should independently verify

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